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Marble Blast Infinity - Version Intermediate

Marble Blast Infinity is a Roll-A-Ball Type game that was inspired by Marble Blast Gold. MBI (Marble Blast Infinity) is currently in development and will be release by the end of the year (Hopefully).

In MBI you are trying to compete levels. You can Roll around using 'W', 'A', 'S' and 'D' and you can jump using 'Space'. Sometimes you are required to collect Gems before going to the Finish and you may be able to use Power-ups by Pressing the 'Mouse Button' to help you.

If you finish a Level with a Gold Time (Great Time) you will be rewarded with Gold. You can use Gold to by more Marbles and Backgrounds. If you get a Gold Time with every Level you will have enough to buy everything in the store.

Hope you enjoy playing my game, and have Fun.

Install instructions

[NOTE] : This game is still in development, it is only about 2/3 done. You cannot buy everything in the Game because there are not enough levels to get enough Gold. Data Will save and there is Multiplayer but it was only a test, so its just 3 levels.


Marble Blast Infinity - Windows.zip 73 MB

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